Thursday, November 13, 2014


Home after getting all stitched up.
I was getting a load of laundry out of the washer. I hear the two older boys race past the bathroom door, a moment later a loud smack and then child crying. Clement came into the bathroom holding his hands to his forehead. Blood was seeping between his fingers, so I quickly grabbed a wash cloth and pressed it to his head. Putting him on the couch and laying him down I took a peek. It was fascinatingly gross. He apparently hit the edge of the coffee table and it made nice inch or more slice. It was deep enough to see layers of tissue. Cyprian commented, " you can see his skull." Yeah, I like to try and fix most things if I can, but decided this time we might need to have stitches.

So Clement had seven stitches. Now instead of bringing him back in to have the stitches removed we decided to try ourselves. Franz last night with sterilized scissors and tweezers removed the stitches. There were a few tears. But as I held the flashlight and squeezed Clement's hand it was successfully done. Clement is one brave boy!

Daddy the doctor!
All the stitches gone!

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