Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A muddy, decidedly not-white Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Kleinshire not a creature was dry, not even a mouse. Lest things have seemed all roses and rolling green pastures, here's a glimpse of the farm after days of relentless rain: 

Good thing for mud boots!
From the goats' stall, looking out on the front pasture. I currently have it blocked off so that the animals don't tear up both pastures while they're soggy.

The rain barrel was full a few days ago. Too bad we don't have more of these yet.

Tam and Ella, staying dry as best they can.

Stella and Tarcy hanging out in their stall. It has rained so much that there is standing water on one end of their stall.

A California White braves the elements.

Hanging out inside is definitely a drier option.

The poor meat chickens are staying dry as best they can. They've only been out of the garage for a week or so.

There's that passage in Isaiah about the lion lying down with the lamb. It hasn't come true for these two yet.

There is so much water that it is practically coursing across the lawn.

Guinea hen!

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