Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One year anniversary of Kleinshire!

One year ago we pulled up to a cute little green house with a front porch that runs the length of it. We unloaded a loaded borrowed truck of necessary things for us to be able to sleep in the new house.

It was a long hope for an anticipated move. Since our marriage of May 17th, 2008, we knew it would be awhile before we could buy a house of our own. Right at the beginning of our start together, we lived in a cute two bedroom farm house in the country. It was conveniently located five or so minute from my work and 15 minutes from my family's farm. Franz had to drive a half hour for work, but it was a pretty and usually easy drive. (Except for the time he drove my station wagon to work and the tire flew off flying through several yards. We did not get the tire back till two days later when it was discovered a block over. Flying tires can really travel!)
The night Father Francis blessed our first home together in Wisconsin.
The sunset from our two bedroom farm house we rented in Wisconsin.

Loaded and ready to head to Texas

The fall of 2009 saw us loaded into our taurus, (who was affectionately named Tony later on by Cyprian), pulling a borrowed trailer from my brother. We were headed to Texas for Franz to start his doctorate program in Literature at the University of Dallas. There was barely room for me to slip into the back seat next to Cyprian's carseat. We also had our kitten Augustine stuffed in a carrier.

We had a special blessing for us to safely make it to Texas.
Our apartment complex in Texas.
Our one bedroom apartment at the Colony.
First place we stayed was a one bedroom apartment in the Colony. It was nice as it has a community of University of Dallas students within its complex. That first year we were okay with the small space. But soon my country girl heart yearned for more space, especially outside. We were in the apartment one year when Franz noticed an advertisement on a bulletin board at school for a cute two bedroom cottage on 2.2 acres in the city. Yes, that is right 2.2 acres in the city limits. The house and grounds were beautiful! Best of all it was completely enclosed with fencing and a big barn gate that closed over the driveway entrance.
Dr. Woods house.
We spent almost three crazy great years in Doctor Woods house. I have so many memories. Cletus was born in that house. If we had stayed in Texas we talked about how we would like to have offered to buy the house from Dr. Wood. But God had other plans for us.
So pretty!
Our NEIGHbors on one side:')
We even had a theater where we had dramatic readings
The back yard. We hosted some awesome Ultimate Frisbee games among many other activities.

I love having cloths lines!
So, once Franz was finishing up the course work he looked for a job as a teacher. He interviewed for one in San Antonio, but it was in North Carolina that he felt called to answer. Saint Thomas More Academy was to be where Franz would teach. I headed to Wisconsin two weeks before our move to North Carolina. I drove our van with the three boys and my sister and her daughter who had flown in to visit us from Wisconsin. The boys and I stayed in Wisconsin while Franz finished packing our stuff and loaded it into a rented penski truck.

Franz all by himself drove cross country to North Carolina to a house right in Wake Forest that we were to rent. He quickly unloaded with the help of future coworkers and students. Then he flew to the boys and me in Wisconsin where after spending a few days with family, we headed to North Carolina altogether.

Our rented home in Wake Forest.
The house was a big three bedroom two storied house. The neighborhood is an association so there are rules as we quickly discovered. Like you can not have cloths lines even if they are in the back yard. I also got cited for having kid toys in the front yard. Needless to say I was chomping at the bit to find a house of our own. Especially as Franz teaching at STMA felt more and more confident he is where he should be.

I started looking online at properties. I was a bit obsessive constantly checking different sites and places. In the beginning of 2014 we started after mass on Sunday, picking a property to go drive by. We did this for three weekends before we drove by the Cheves property. It was the first place upon seeing it that we both exclaimed, "this looks nice!" The previous places we had looked at were run down and in not so nice of an area. We decided to apply for a loan. Once we were accepted we contacted a realtor. We really wanted to look inside the Cheves property. We had already explored the outside of the property as the house was not lived in.

It only took us going through the house once for us to make our decision. We made an offer and it was accepted. We had hiccups in the process, but thankfully it worked out in the end. I had purchased four goats a week before our closing date. Dear friends let us keep the goats at their place. It was quite the experience as I had to drive out twice a day to milk the two goats that were in milk.

Finally, I am to the point of this post. We have had one heck of a year here on Kleinshire. I am so happy and grateful for our Kleinshire. Within our first year we have created so many memorable memories. From the menagerie of animals, giving birth to Chrysogonus and starting a garden making and entertaining friends, etc. We are home where we feel God has called us to be.

Happy one year at Kleinshire!

Home sweet home!

Barn and pasture.

From the corner of Kleinshire.

 Now I should have probably posted a picture from today. But we were to busy doing all kinds of stuff to bother with the camera. This post is already too long so I will not bore anyone with the awesome day we had. It was a beautiful day! Goodnight now y'all!

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