Saturday, July 25, 2015

So when my Honey leaves me...

I got home after spending the afternoon dropping Franz off at the airport. Then swimming and eating pizza with friends. After swimming I showered and dressed each boy in his pj's.

On the way home we prayed the rosary. I also received a call from Franz informing me that he was still sitting at the Raleigh airport because of a major delay and that I needed to add minutes to his cell plan because he was just about out. So when I got home I had all the boys sit in the living room while I unpacked the van. Then while they entertained themselves I called Franz and he got me into his account so I could add minutes before he completely ran out.

Next I headed out do milking. Before leaving mid afternoon Franz and I did all the chores except for milking the goats. As I am walking out Snowy races to the back pasture by the gate. Suddenly I hear screaming. I call Snowy off and go investigate. The screaming came from a rabbit that had caught itself in the netting on the bottom of the back pasture gate. A rabbit screaming is not a pleasant sound. So I am standing there looking at the poor thing and wondering if I should help it or kill it. Now my first pet ever was a rabbit, and I always said I would never eat one. So in accord with my earlier feelings I decided to help. My goodness, the rabbit really managed to get stuck. I managed to after five or so minutes get the hind legs unstuck. The rabbit was screaming for most of it. But I talked soothingly and it stopped, as soon as it realized it was free it shot off into the woods.

Finally, I quickly milked the goats. I came in the boys were all going crazy. I made them brush there teeth and sent them packing to their beds complaining. I had to remind myself that they were really tired and so was I. I blessed each then took Chrysogonus in the back pack with me to go catch a few stray chickens who were roosting in the goats pen. We have decided to start locking the coop again at night. We for a couple months have been just leaving the outside door open. The other morning Franz discovered a pile of feathers on and around the roost. I searched out all the chickens to see if I was missing one. I finally was able to count all the hens, but noticed a buff was looking pretty bare.

Our guess is that Dino our tom kitty decided to attack one of the chickens and got carried away. We have seen him chase and hassle the chickens when they wander in the barn. Naughty kitty! He also has taken to nursing on Snowy, yes, that is right he nurses on the dog. Too the complete rascal hangs on the screens of the screen porch trying to catch the parakeets. Oh he is a like a wild little tiger sometimes, yet very affectionate with us.

Oh yeah back to my night. Once Chrysogonus and I made the final check on all the animals we came in. I finished the fresh cheese that we had hanging in cloth. I took it out of the cloth added some sea salt, Italian seasoning, and minced garlic. Then I pressed it into a container. Next I did the last few dishes. Then I took Chrysogonus out of the backpack and got him ready for bed. Here I sit typing when I should probably get some sleep before going to Mass in the morning by myself with the Klein army. 

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