Monday, September 7, 2015

Simply Beautiful

September 5th marked me turning 30. Instead of planning something elaborate, I requested we stay home and get stuff done around Kleinshire. My three wishes were a clean barn, a cake, and not to cook supper.

Hard at work.
Dreamer and Southern Belle. Our two full size goats. 
Look at our pretty girls. Left to right, Lucia, Edelweiss, Tam, and Maple. Tarcy is hanging in the background.
Cleaning the barn I am proud to say I did entirely by myself. I soaked two shirts with sweat to get it done. I am ready to start shedding the ten pounds I have yet to lose since having Chrysogonus. My birthday was a jumpstart in this endeavor. By the time I was done at the end of the day I stank. While out working in the barn I trimmed the billy goats hooves. The bucks are in rut and they reek. I also used Franz's scythe to try and cut tall weeds in the garden. Cletus helped me rake the cut down weeds.

Cyprian watching Chrysogonus while Franz, Cletus, and I work in the garden.
Not to say Franz didn't also work hard. Franz worked on the yard, trimming all the bushes, weed whacking, and startinh to get the fall garden worked on. He also watched boys and made me a delicious homemade angel food cake with fresh whipped cream, and organic strawberries from Vollmer farm which we had frozen early this year.

My birthday cake!

I am the bluebird with a nest of seven eggs. I have some work to do:')

Since we were all outside and working hard. I ordered Chinese from the little Chinese restaurant in Bunn. We ate the Chinese food late around two or so. I then got Cletus and Chrysogonus down for a nap and that is when I finished cleaning the barn I had been working on and Franz made my cake. You might wonder what Cyprian and Clement were up to. They made me beautiful birthday cards. Clement lost his, but found it the next day in the yard before it rained:')
Look at Clement climb!

Supper was just my scrumptious birthday cake. I had better add that Franz also did the dishes. I made the boys help straighten up while also getting ready for bed. After a short Monster time we said our family rosary. Then Franz and I watched the movie Insurgent. Franz rubbed my feet then fell asleep.
I had help blowing out my candles. Clement was so excited that we were having cake for supper:')

It was a wonderfully simple birthday. A lot of work got done and best of all we spent the whole day together as a family.

Saint Therese's Little Flowers!
Too, I was sent a message from a dear lady who made me an exquisite water color painting of the patroness of our home school and my middle name sake. Saint Therese the Little Flower. It is such a beautiful gift that I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the giver. 

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