Friday, January 22, 2016

Do not let the cold freeze your Love!

As the cold blows in it makes me ponder..... We have so much to be grateful for..... The March for Life is suppose to take place today. Many people due to the inclement weather are canceling their travel plans to the capital. I am sure for many it is a huge disappointment, to not be present and walking for the greatest cause of our lives. Because seriously, our life, and everyone's, is precious.

It boggles my mind how people try to justify the taking of baby's life. How has is become acceptable to dehumanize life? It does not even make sense scientifically speaking. It is as if people have become brainwashed, programmable robots in regard to this issue. We are being desensitized to our own humanity.

When people talk about bringing children into the world--the course words "sex," "intercourse," "conjugal act," etc.--I personally cringe. My thought in regard to a married couples joining, has always been love-making. I love, LOVE, that expression. My husband and I have four beautiful unique boys as a result of our love. Also, a little miscarried baby, whom I pray to as a little intercessor of our family. Of course I am not trying to say those who have not been able to have biological children due to causes beyond their control, are not making love. Adoption is such a beautiful expression of giving LOVE! God has a plan for each of us. It is our life's journey to pursue His will for us. That involves LOVE!

I hope I am instilling in my young men a love of self and others that knows the precious gift each one of us is to God. I want to remember to be thankful for life. Thanks to my wonderful and crazy mother who gave birth to me, the ninth child of eleven, over 30 years ago.

Though some would not acknowledge it, my mother was given a hard time by many. Not only did our family have eleven children, but my mother also chose to homeschool several of us. This was when homeschooling was not really accepted. There was a lot of flack about how me and my siblings were being neglected. Maybe we did not receive an extremely high level of academic instruction. But, the one thing I can recall for sure throughout my childhood is my mother's love. Trust me, there were times when I fumed and fumed about how much my Mom and Dad did not love me. This fuming would be after being corrected and punished for something I had done that
was disobedient or bad. Yes, I was sometimes a very naughty child. But through crazy times my Mom always loved each of us. No matter how far we strayed, she still faithfully loved, and loves, each of us in our family. My Dad and I, when I hit those difficult teenage years, did not jive well. But now I feel a closeness and deep appreciation for all my Dad has done for me and my siblings. He has been one of the most hardworking and constant providers for a family that I know of. My own dear Honey husband is a similar character.
Last time my family was all gathered together in one place. Year June 2009. There are many new faces to add to our family picture. Brigid, Teresa, and baby Tehoke on the way. Wrangell, Reagan, and Solstice Martyn. Julieanne, and Joseph Korish. Clement, Cletus, and Chrysogonus Klein. Josh's fiance Ashley Morrick, Kaydance, Jonathon, Leila, and Joseph Korish. Also, remembering all miscarried babies, mine, my sisters, and sister-in-law.

I miss my family. This makes me all the more grateful for them. They are spread out, so we do not see everyone often. Someday I hope we can all reunite with our own families. I think, though, that we may have to rent a park or some very large space to fit everyone. Thank God for my Dad and Mom. They gave me, my 10 living siblings, and four miscarried babies, LIFE, which is an expression of their LOVE. 

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