Friday, March 4, 2016

Peace on Earth

Peace, oh blessed peace!

 The word peace: Noun 1. Freedom from disturbance; quiet, tranquility. 2. Freedom from or the cessation of war or violence. Exclamation: 1. Used as a greeting. 2. Used as an order to remain silent.

In ORDER to have peace, we must first know how to be free of disturbance. Not just in the physical, but the spiritual and mental. Peace, is physically not acting out in violence. Peace, in spiritual is having a deep tranquility that weathers the storms of life. Peace, is mentally ordering our thoughts to the good.

The eye of the storm, it gives you glimpse of what utter calm is. Then the storm strikes in all its fury violently. If peace is employed the different circumstances call for one or all of the three forms of practice, physical, spiritual, or mental.

Maybe it is because I recently was watching Star Wars, or more importantly noting the people and situations around me. Peace is so needed today. I take to heart that at Mass we have the sign of peace and Father sends us off with a blessing of peace. Meaning to me, I should go out and give peace not destroy the rest.

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