Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chicken available immediately--please share

Dear Raleigh-area friends, 

Due to the extreme heat forecast for the next several days, we are processing our organic, free-range broiler chickens today, ahead of our planned schedule. This is an act of faith, as we do not currently have freezer space for these 21 chickens. 

As I write, at least a dozen are still available, and we will be putting them on ice in the short term. Even if you haven't purchased from us before, please consider trying us out. At $4.25/lb., I know they're not cheap, but it's actually a reasonable price for free-range, organic chicken that comes from a small, family farm rather than from an oversized factory farm. 

We also have available cucumbers, free-range eggs, and goat milk. Kleinshire is located at 879 Cheves Rd., Zebulon, just a mile from Bunn. 

Text to make sure that chicken is still available before leaving: (919) 780-7864. In your generosity, PLEASE CONSIDER PASSING THIS MESSAGE ON TO OTHERS WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED. 

Thank you, and God bless... 

Franz and Rosemary Klein

UPDATE (7/8): Thank you, everybody, who responded. We were able to sell all the chickens right away. Stay tuned, as we'll have more available in the fall!

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