Friday, March 2, 2018


As I trudge out in the mud in the morning I have a few moments to exhilerate on being free to breath the fresh air. Morning and night I milk and feed the goats. Afternoon I feel strong as I carry water to the animals, gather eggs, and check to make sure everyone is okay. I don't want to take too long as I have the boys all waiting in the house. But, it feels good to be doing something physical outside.

When I am in the house the duties of keeping order are consumming. Boys are rambunctious, busy, loud, and sometimes rough. I have meals to make, laundry to do, general housekeeping to try and keep up with.

Schoolwork somedays is a struggle. Juggling instruction/homework while trying to get things around the house done. Trying to instill habits in the boys of making beds, getting dressed, doing chores, helping with breakfast and clean up. Then of course letting the boys play. Play is so important to the wellbeing of a child. Right now with the thaw, the boys are all about playing in the stream in the woods. One of our favorite family times is reading books together. I remember how much I loved gathering around my sister Rachel as she would read us "great" books.

Yesterday Franz put taps in the Maple trees. I made sour dough bread, raw goat kefir, acorn squash pies. With the weather changing we are getting more anxious with outdoor projects. I have ordered and or bought all my garden seeds, fruit plants/trees, etc.

Today I will start my onion seeds. Spring is coming and soon we will all run wildly in the great outdoors, myself included....
Cornelius keeping tabs on all the going ons in the house.

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