Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zoey to Snowy

I insisted a week ago that we would not get any more animals till next year. Well, I have this strong urge to seek out animals who need a home. I casually was perusing craigslist for free puppies. I would see something interesting and show Franz. Most puppies are not free. The person giving the dog almost always ask for a rehoming fee. I knew we would not get a puppy that we had to pay for since there are free ones sometimes, and besides we weren't getting a dog till next year....

I happened upon two ads one for a German Shepard/Pit bull and the other a Lab/Border Collie. Now both pups said female 12 weeks old and needing a good home. I sent an email to both and got replies. The German Shepard/Pit bull was free but a ways a way in Wilson. The owner had someone else interested, so I told her let them have first look and if they weren't interested than let me know. Yes, I know we were not really suppose to be looking for a dog.... The other pup Lab/Border Collie the owner wanted a rehoming fee of 50 dollars. I said we were looking for a free pup, but if she decided to give the pup for free I would be interested. Well the German Shepard/Pit Bull was taken and I assumed that was that. I got an email the next day about the Lab/Border Collie the woman said she would give me the dog, but that it was on a PetSmart plan till January that cost 36 dollars a month. The woman said she could not cancel the plan so if I wanted to take over the plan I could have the pup. I told her thank you for getting back to me but we were still looking for a free pup. Next day she sent me another email saying forget the last email I sent you, you can have the pup.

Now you have to know I painted her a pretty picture of the fact that we have a little bit of acreage and that we were looking for a pup to complete our family. She must have liked what I said because she was seriously looking to get rid of the pup to a good home and was having trouble. So, the boys and I loaded ourselves into our van on Thursday and ran errands in Zebulon with the intention of looking at the pup afterwards. The location was in the boonies (country) outside of Clayton. I had to call Franz several times to help me get to the place, for the roads are marked terribly and merge into each other often. After not intentionally meaning to tour the countryside I got to the address. The pup was locked on the front porch and barked when Cyprian and I went to the gate. We waited because I did not feel comfortable approaching the house. Final a man and woman came out and introduced us to the pup who was named Zoey. She was cute and extremely hyper. Even though she barked at us at first she was not aggressive. I actually like a dog that announces when someone is there. She looked healthy. The couple said they did not have the time or space that she a very active pup needed. So after chatting a bit I decided we would take Zoey with us. The people were very friendly and genuinely seemed to want to find a good home for Zoey. They had taken care to keep her vet checked and started on her shots.

We loaded the pup into our pet carrier and headed home. Once we got home I let Cyprian take the puppy on the leash and let her explore the yard and meet some of the animals. We got her a dish of water and after having her run around for awhile and tire herself out we put her in the hall of the barn. This meant Rocky who had been living in the barn hall was moved into the pen with the guinea keets. Rocky was a bit annoyed by his placement.

Now Franz and I are not particularly fond of the name Zoey. So we started tossing a few names around. Franz the boys and I decided on the name of Tintin's dog Snowy. Even though our pup is not pure white and Snowy is a boy dogs name, we figured it is cute and the transition from the old name rhymes so she would hopefully take to it. Which she already does answers well to the name Snowy. So now we have Snowy Klein on the shire.

The goats are suspicious of Snowy blowing to each other in warning when they see her. Milking has become a spectacle. Caroline still comes at milking time but is not pleased when she sees Snowy. Tam on the other hand is smart and annoying, has taken to bolting to the pasture. It is a sight to see Franz chasing her down and literally carrying her to the milk stand:') Once Tam is on the stand she simply ignores Snowy and eats her feed. Goats they have some of the funniest annoyingest quirks.

The cats Una and Siena were both wary of Snowy. Una still has a hatred of Snowy and I believe she would be happy if Snowy disappeared for good. Siena after giving a few good swats to Snowy's nose when she got to close seems to enjoy her a bit. The boys were taking turns with the lunge whip dragging it on the ground and both Snowy and Siena were catching it. Quite cute! So I think Siena will tolerate Snowy but Una has a no dog policy.

It will be an adventure with Snowy. She is so hyper that you really can not even get her to stay still at this point to pet her. She is extremely playful pouncing on things and racing around. The boys love her and she seems to like them. I think with a lot of patience and training she could be a wonderful family/guard/herd dog. So now we have completed our family of animals and should be set for awhile.

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