Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The World According to Cyprian, #20

Cyprian was apparently impressed by his ride in the limo at the recent wedding of our friends, Chris and Elimika. Here are his comments on the requirements for the validity of consent, perhaps a prelude to a more serious post on my part commenting on the recently concluded Extraordinary Synod on the Family:

Cyprian: "You and Mommy are married, right?"

Me: "Yes, you've seen pictures. We got married in a church just like Chris and Elimika did a few weeks ago. There was a ring-bearer, just like you were for their wedding. And the priest witnessed our vows. And there was Mass. And afterward we had a dinner and a party, and we danced just like we did at Chris and Elimika's weddding."

Cyprian: "Did you have a big, long car like we drove in at their wedding?"

Me: "No, we didn't have a limo. We just drove to the reception in my Jeep."

Cyprian: "Then you didn't get married. You need a limo to get married."

Alas, there is no hope for Rosemary and me!

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