Sunday, October 5, 2014


Now there is that feeling of summer's ending. Mornings are cooler and hot cups of tea are a treat to savor. The thought of a good book with a warm snugly blanket is enticing. The animals are getting that sorta fluffy coat and store of fat for colder days to come. The horses are especially fond of the cooler weather. They take to racing around the pasture tails held high snorting in glee when they stop and see us.

There are things that need attention as we prepare for the colder weather. Like getting a good store of hay. In our front yard we have a stump that once it is removed, we will be plowing a up a good portion of the yard to have as a big vegetable garden next spring. We already have a nice compost pile that will need to be transferred to the front. November will bring us to butchering time. The pigs and chickens will fill our freezer and others. We currently have a few hens laying an egg a day. But in another month we should have several more. I am looking forward to having our own eggs.

Soon, I am thinking we will take Oreo from the big girls and put him in a pen with Rocky who was just weaned off the bottle. Ella who is currently by herself will then be put with the big girls. Hopefully all three big girls took so we will have three goats to milk next year. Ella will be bred in the spring so she can have a fall baby and provide us with milk while we start breeding the three big girls for spring kidding the following year.

One of the favorite things the boys all enjoy right now is wheelbarrow rides. When I need to go get hay from the garage, there is a race to get in the wheelbarrow. After filling the wheelbarrow with many little hands. I pile boys precariously on top of the stack and tell them to hang on. If only I could get a picture but alas I am not that talented

Rainy days!

Time to get out the long sleeves.

When you wake up and it is only 63 degrees in the house. This is how we dress for breakfast.

Hearty appetites when the weather is cool.

Rocky showing his quality  He will be our buck for breeding next year.

Putting almonds on crackers. Cyprian has his own ideas.

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