Friday, September 19, 2014


Yes, I am very thankful for running water. Yesterday Franz came home early from work to fix the well. The night before the hose was left on till it stopped running water. So for most of the day the boys and I made do. We have a rain barrel which is how I was able to water animals and we also have a Berkey water filter in the house, so we had some drinking water.

With the advice of my Dad and Franz's research, the problem was fixed by priming the pump with water and restarting it. Then the spigots on the kitchen and bathroom faucets had to be cleaned as they became clogged from all the disruption with the well water.

Today I took a shower and reveled in thankfulness to have running water to do so. Take time to thank God for some of your most basic needs.... I definitely realized how much I took my water for granted.

To also show I am not vain :') I am showing my self happy after enjoying a nice shower. I had not found time to do something with my hair, but hey, I got to take a Shower with RUNNING WATER. So I am thankful for our water and all the ways we can and do use it, and especially having it easily accessible.

20 weeks, 1 day. Picture taken by Cyprian.

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