Friday, September 12, 2014

Rambling through half the day...

So I actually woke up early to make Franz a nice breakfast. Yesterday I managed to make three loaves of yummy whole wheat bread. So, this morning I sliced bread for toast, buttered and put jam on. Then cooked two eggs over easy and made coffee in the French Press. I normally stay in bed till Franz leaves a little before 7. Cletus wakes somewhere around 6:30 and calls out "Daddy". Franz gets him and the two share an adorable time of communal eating of something snacky. The coffee may have been a bit stronger than Franz normally makes it, but he said breakfast was great. After leaving Cletus and I snuggled on the couch till 7. Then it was time to get animal chores done.
Fresh whole wheat bread made with fresh ground wheat!
 So these next photos are what some of our day has been so far. I don't have a picture yet of the kale chips I am making.
Look what I found on the floor of our coop. Somebody needs to make nesting boxes asap.

Our hens are only four months old! So exciting!!

Just what are they discussing, boyish secrets. They dragged the rocking chairs off the front porch and sat together in the driveway randomly swinging their sticks and confiding in each other.

So this is what you do when it is gray outside and mommy wants to get the laundry done.

This about sums up Cletus personality

Who can resist this ones charms...

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