Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hey, look at all that hay!

Here's the newest Kleinshire purchase:

Not the kids, that is, but the three large round bales of hay. We've quickly found that our two mini pastures don't support two horses and six goats, and the eleven bales of Lezpedeza hay that I got at $5 per square bale didn't last very long at all once the pastures were eaten down. This is Fescue hay, which has less protein than Lezpedeza, and far less than Alfalfa. Nonetheless, it should last us quite awhile. The farmer charged us $50 per bale, plus $50 for the delivery. He claimed they're 1,300 pounds. They're certainly on the larger side, and they're good-smelling too. He offered us a far better deal if we order more the next time. I guess we'll see how the animals like it. For now, the kids are enjoying their new garage jungle-gym!

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