Saturday, January 3, 2015

Philosophy, really?

Several times I have started a post or thought about great things to post. It seems I get distracted and or just tired. Here is a shot at coming back to the blog. Part of the problem is my lack of good grammar in writing. Franz is the grammar nazi. He is always rooting out the boys' and my mistakes. It drives me nuts sometimes! For those of you who do not know, I am bit dyslexic. This especially is in regard to speech.

Some days I look at or read or hear of what other mothers are doing and think, gosh I am really lacking and slacking. Yup, most women feel that at some point they are not up to snuff. Okay, so I have been reading a lot of children's books and it shows in my talking, writing and sense of humor. That is part of my life as a mother.

I have and still sometimes struggle with feeling inadequate philosophically and educationally when it comes to in-depth subjects and topics. Franz is by far the the deep thinker. I am the action day to day figure.

People who happen to read my post, probably get annoyed when I write something about all I have gotten done. NOTICE: I do not post all the time and when I do post I am usually celebrating a day of good. NOTE: this obviously does not happen every day. I feel it is better to try and not post too much negativity, even if it makes people think that I am being such a brown noser. I do post what happens when you have three active imaginative boys running around. So, there are also statuses of what goes on around Kleinshire in a crazy chaotic day.

So to all you family, friends, and others. I am one in a crowd who has joys and sorrows. Please rejoice with me when it is joyful, because we have many trials that go on here too.

See, I just can't seem to write something that is catching. I am point blank blunt. I think I have great thoughts, but I guess they will just have to stay that way, my great thoughts:') Thankfully my husband loves me no matter how moody and wild I get. I really do have a temper. Those who have seen it know. Those who haven't beware....

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