Friday, January 16, 2015


I wish I could say I am a loving caring mother when pregnant. That is just sadly not true. I want to blame it on my hormones, or whatever else is a viable option. I become a raging lioness (I think my hair may even resemble a mane). I can be sweet, but it does not take much to trigger my crankiness. What makes it seem even more hard is that Cletus whether it is because he senses the new baby is coming soon or what, has become a quick monster. Cletus can be sweet. But if I for some reason ignore him, he immediately retaliates by getting into and destroying something he very well knows is off limits. Cyprian and Clement can be good boys. Though they too have taken to using my distracted state to their creative and sometimes destructive tendencies. I pray that God helps me and them. For I have failed so many times that if I was a crier I would be in tears most of the time. Instead I am a mother who continually has to forgive myself and work on lovingly teaching our children what is really important. Not all the annoying things that happen around us. That we are a family. We love each other, and want the best for each other. This in turn will make us focus more on our true cause as a holy family. Don's sweat the small stuff, and face it most of it is small stuff that we blow up to be huge problems.

Finding the balance of loving but not being a push over is my struggle.

Thank goodness the sun is shining today and I can get all the kids outside to play and work!
36 or 38 weeks pregnant

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