Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Sunday Full of Surprises!

The morning started out like most had for the past two weeks. I woke up feeling great, looked down and saw my huge pregnant belly. And thought to myself, am I going to be pregnant forever? I have always been early with giving birth. So, it was a new feeling of seeing my due date come and go. I had in the last two weeks several times thought maybe, "this would be the day." I would have some really good contractions, nothing too painful but definitely noticeable for a  couple of hours. Then when I would go to bed I would eventually settle and fall into a deep and restful sleep. This is also is a new experience for me. I have always been prone to insomnia especially at the end of pregnancy. So, I really am thankful that this pregnancy has been so wonderful in that I have enjoyed good health and vitality.

So after breakfast we discussed if I should go to mass. I was torn, I was feeling some pressure and thinking maybe again that it could be "today" but then I had thought so many other times. I finally made the decision to stay and everyone else went to mass, including Franz who had his phone on just in case I would need him to rush back. Two vehicles were taken so that Franz would be able to rush back and not leave anyone stranded.

 I took the opportunity to rest. Before everyone was due back from Church I decided to get up and make some lunch for all. I looked out my window over the kitchen sink and saw the horses happily grazing in the goat pasture. Now this wouldn't normally be bad, but with tiny little baby goat kiddos the horses could easily and accidentally crush a baby. I was still in my nightgown. My maternal instinct kicked in and I raced out in rubber boots. As I ran waddled through the barn I snatched up the lunge whip. I got to the pasture and realized that two of the mama goats with their kiddos were in the horse pasture. Not only that, but one of the mamas was flirting with our bucks through the fence. Now I was exasperated, my temper was flaring. I started herding the goats who decided to be annoying about going back in their own pasture. To make it more fun the barn yard is a soupy mud mess, so I was having a hard time keeping my balance. Finally I got the whole bunch into their holding pen off the goat stall.

Next I turned to the horses who immediately turned tail and started racing around the front pasture. I was muttering not very nice pleasant threats of what I was going to do to the animals. I decided to lunge the horses, which meant that I had to run waddle around the pasture to keep them from stopping. They loved it, me not at all, especially when I had a couple different cars slow down to watch. I am sure I gave a great spectacle. Remember I am hugely pregnant in a nightgown with muddy boots a long lunge whip and huffily chasing after two horses. Finally the horses had enough and sweetly trotted into their pen. I closed the gate, which has a broken lock. The lock catches but if worked at it can be opened. I secured the gate as best I could. Of course as soon as I was out of the pen. I saw Stella sneakily working her lips over the lock. I hollered at her that if she dared opened that gate she would regret it.

The Church crew came home and I had leftovers out for lunch. I animatedly shared my adventure while we all ate. Cletus was down for a nap. The day was absolutely beautiful bright sunshine, gentle breeze. We left the door to the screen porch and house open because it was so warm. Everyone was outside. I had people coming around 2 to look at the goat kiddos. So I decided to trim the mama goats hooves. The people arrived and we spent a deal of time looking at the goats and discussing goats. A deal was made and agreed upon by both parties. Cletus meanwhile woke up and we spent the afternoon outside playing in the yard and watching animals.

Franz and I decided we should go for a walk to see if we could get me to go into labor. It was late afternoon. So while my parents and sister stayed in the yard to watch the boys, Franz and I headed down a dirt road that runs by the church next to our property. We were curious because we knew people lived down the road but it is more private. As we walked we passed a man doing some work outside. He stopped us and told us that there were some dogs and that we might want to take a stick just in case a dog was aggressive. He also gave us the low down on the all those who live back on the road. It is two different family names that have extended family.

After our chatting for a bit we met the man who lives farther back and owns most of the property back there. We asked his permission if we could walk back farther to the creek. He very quickly told us to go ahead. So we then continued and followed a path into the woods that led us to a large swampy creek. It was very pretty and peaceful. As we walked back the man who gave us permission to walk back on the property waved us over to his place and invited us in to meet his wife. we had a lovely chat, then proceeded to head home.

Once home it was starting to get late so everyone started making supper. I decided to let everyone else make the meal while rolled and bounced around on my exercise ball. At supper time I was starting to not feel like eating much so I took a couple of nibbles of food. Since it was getting late we immediately after supper got all the boys ready for bed. Once that was done we all trooped to the boys room to pray our family rosary around 8 pm. I took the exercise ball and sat on it the whole time. I was definitely starting to have some strong contractions with some pain. After we finished praying Franz and I tucked the boys in with hugs, kisses, and blessings.

I went out to the living room, again taking my exercise ball to sit on. Franz asked me if he was going to school in the morning. I grumpily stated that I didn't know. For I was tired of thinking maybe tonight would be the night. But pretty quickly after I made that remark I told him that no he was not going to school. So Franz started quickly working on lesson plans for others to take over his classes the next day. I sat on a pad on the couch and tried to watch a show about restoring antiques with my Dad this was 9:30ish. I sent off a text to my midwife and said I was having strong painful contractions. She immediately replied that she was putting her shoes on. I replied ok see you soon.

I am warning you the last paragraph is about laboring. So, if you do not want those details, stop reading.

My midwife got here around 10. I was lying down in our bed trying to work my way through the painful contractions that were lasting over a minute. The midwife went right to work setting up, meanwhile I had Franz putting pressure on my lower back trying to ease my back labor. I had to go the bathroom and went it was so uncomfortable walking while contracting. Once back in our room I had Franz get me my exercise ball and used it to lean on and punch when a contraction hit. I may not have a very long labor but to me it is intense and I was saying to Franz I can't do this. Then I would rally myself and say okay I know I can do this. I had to go to the bathroom again. I started to go but felt that pressure to push so I jumped up and tried to rush back as fast as I could to our bedroom. I wanted Franz behind me to lean back on as I climbed into bed. The midwife said she could check me to see where I was at and possibly break my water. I said yes please do! So I was checked and I was 10 cm dilated. The only thing holding me back was that my water had not broken. So I told her to break it. She did and immediately I felt relief from the awful pressure that had built up. The midwife told Franz that that he better quickly get up and catch the baby. I was pushing and it was only two minutes or so after the water breaking that Chrysogonus was born. Such a relief and blessing.

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