Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow days!

Around here snow is a novelty. When it is in the forecast people go crazy. The stores have people on the run to stock up on food and supplies. Sleds which are rarely in stock go out of stock completely. Those who are more creative or just cheap use what they have on hand to make sleds. Like pizza pans, cardboard boxes, etc. Too, when you do not have all the proper winter attire wool socks work well for gloves. I even managed to stuff Cletus who I secretly think is a hobbit into a size 12 month snow suit. Desperate times call for desperate measures:') So with all the boys dressed somehow to resemble marshmellows of varying colors, we all have had some fun in the snow.

Snowy the proud mama of seven puppies!
Snowy our dog also decided to birth eight puppies two days ago when the snow started in earnest. Seven of the puppies are thriving and keeping Snowy plenty busy and occupied.

All seven puppies are doing well.
Franz commented yesterday that our house is too small. This is something that Clement stated when we first moved here. He liked the place but the house was too small. Franz being home and trying to work with the boys and me around has pushed his patience with the high noise level. Our house is not a silent one and it is hard to find a quiet spot. I have said I like a small house because it is less to clean. Also, it can be cozy. But in truth there are times I too wish we had a bit more space. I am thankful though for our cute house and can dream of someday expanding. For now instead we just throw the kids outside, and right now we can throw them in the snow:')

Notice the gun in the hand of our snowman:')

When you don't have a hill, you build a snow slide.

A cardboard box will suffice in the stead of sled.

Lucia our baby goat that we retained knows how to keep warm.

Let's play in the snow!

Chrysogonus doing tummy time on his new quilt from Great Grandma and Grandpa Crawford.

Isn't he a cutie!
We are holding down the fort at Kleinshire. Having a jolly old time getting cold and wet in the snow. Making hot cocoa, cookies and way too many sweets. Which in turn, turns my boys into monsters who wildly race around our small house shouting at the top of their lungs as they wrestle each other and give piggy back rides and end up falling and getting bumps.  Even with the bumps and bruise, so far we have all survived.  

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