Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whether this will help me deal with what happened or not, here is the first part of what happened in Chrysogonus accident

I have started going back to Tae Kwon Do. I went the first Tuesday of this month bringing Chrysogonus with me. I wanted to see how it would go having my little guy with me. It went fine, he slept most of the time in one of the students mom's arms while she sat watching the class. So I decided I could bring him with me the next week which was last week. On Tuesday he was held and watched by a grandma to one of the students. Thursday I brought him with me once again. Again during the class he was held by the grandma who held him before.

Near the end of class Chrysogonus got fussy. So I stepped out of class and went to the room off the main one where I could nurse. The grandma was with me. I had just finished nursing when a dad who happen to be the husband to the woman who held Chrysogonus the week before, and is also a dad to four boys, two of whom are students, popped in and asked to hold him. I handed him Chrysogonus only intending to let him hold him a few minutes. I also stated he is a strong boy.  Then I said something to the grandma and was turning back toward the dad, when I saw Chrysogonus roll off his arm. It happened so fast but in a sense is seemed an eternity. I tried to reach for him but it was too late. The dad apparently thought he could hold Chrysogonus out on one arm to look at him. I am assuming Chrysogonus startled and he is a big strong boy so he literally rolled off the mans arm. Worse we were all standing.

When I saw Chrysogonus hit the floor and I heard the impact, I was incredulous. He landed on his forehead in the fetal position. I quickly scooped him up and at first he was not making a sound. His face was screwed up but he had not let out a scream, then when he caught his breath he did scream. I was trying to frantically get him to open his eyes to check his pupils. As I was doing this I said get some ice. The dad was just standing there, I am sure in shock, so I repeated very firm, "get some ice." The dad did go get some and I was finally able to see Chrysogonus eyes. Thankfully they were clear and the same dilation. Then I ran my hand over his head and I felt the lump and could start to see it. We put the ice on but he started getting really upset so I gave him a rest from icing. The dad said, "I am sure he will be alright." I looked at him and bluntly said, " no, he is not alright."

After that the dad must have slipped away because I did not see him again. A very kind and amazing friend who also does Tae Kwon Do helped me make a call to our boys family doctor.  I called Franz who didn't pick up, so I left him a message telling him he needed to call me right back. Which he pretty quickly did. I told him briefly what had happened and that were waiting to hear back from the doctor. When the doctor did call I was advised to bring him in to emergency to be checked over. So my friend very willingly offered to drive Chrysogonus and I to North Wake Med Emergency.

Well on the way Chrysogonus was crying in pain, but finally fell asleep just before we got to the ER. I was happy he was sleeping because I have been told rest is important for healing with a head injury. I knew they use to say that when someone hit there head to not let them fall asleep. But especially since I had seen his eyes were clear I figured sleep was good. At the ER I go up to the reception desk and the receptionist when she realized what I came in for rudely and loudly told me that I was suppose wake up Chrysogonus because you never let someone who hit there head sleep. I snapped back and told her that the doctor I talked to did not tell me to keep him awake and to not talk to me in that tone especially after I just saw someone drop my child on his head. Well the commotion woke up my poor sweet boy so my friend who came back in took over answering the questions so I could nurse Chrysogonus and try to calm him down. The receptionist apparently on the side was telling my friend that she told me not to let Chrysogonus sleep. She said her grandma said you never let someone who hit there head go to sleep. Obviously this is personal not professional advice.

Immediately after they got our information we were called back. Head injuries especially in infants make you a top priority. In triage the nurse when he took his weight asked me if was right for a one month old. Chrysogonus weighed just over 12lbs. Meaning he gained three pounds in one month. My boy is a big strong boy. Once all the initial checks were taken care of they had us go in a room. The doctor after looking him over said he needed a CAT scan. My amazing friend kept calling Franz with updates throughout our visit.  

Oh man, the CAT scan about did me in. I was the one who had to hold his head. Of course Chrysogonus started sreaming in pain and fright when the machine turned on. I held him though because I did not want him exposed to more radiation then necessary. I was praying fast and furious and if I was a crier I would have melted in a puddle. My friend helped hold his arms when they ex-rayed his neck.

My friend kept me company in the room while we waited to hear the prognosis. The doctor came and told me that Chrysogonus did indeed fracture his skull. He proceeded to show me the picture and the clear break. Amazingly there was no swelling on the brain. There was a hematomia that is the bleeding from bruising on the outside of the break. They wanted to transport us to Duke in Durham where there are pediatric neurosurgeons who could look at and monitor Chrysogonus.

My friend took my van back to her truck and Chrysogonus and I stayed to wait for an ambulance to come and pick us up. I could hear the nurses outside our room arguing and realized they were talking about us. Apparently the EMT who was coming to get us was saying that they had to put an IV tap in. The nurse who had been taking care of us was saying she thought it was unnecessary. I had a nurse pop in with the IV stuff, she looked frustrated and stated that they needed to put the tap in. I said is it really necessary and she quickly said, "you can refuse, but I do have to tell you in the case of an emergency that if they need to do an IV they will drill one into the leg." I said, "I will that take that chance because I do not want put my little guy through any more unnecessary trauma."

Now since this post is getting so long. I will share the rest in another one. The next is also a doozy of a story.    

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