Saturday, March 21, 2015

Part two of Chrysogonus accident

I left off with we were waiting for the ambulance to take us to Duke in Durham.

When the EMT arrived they had mixed up on the weight of Chrysogonus and thought he was only half the size he really is. So they had prepared something like a box for transport, I forget what it is called. They said we had to reweigh to be sure he was big enough for the car seat strap they can attach to the stretcher. Seriously, this was annoying since they had already weighed him. Finally they got the correct weight and proceeded to strap Chrysogonus securely to the stretcher. Then we finally headed out. It was a sometime after 1 am at this point. Chrysogonus was thankfully sleeping so the EMT suggested I close my eyes.

So I closed my eyes and continued the rosary that I had been praying throughout the whole ordeal. We arrived in the ambulance garage of Duke. We had to go through rechecking in. The hospital was full so we were put in an examine room. They found a crib for Chrysogonus and I laid down on an examine bed. Not exactly comfortable but we did have the privacy of our own room.

Right away a nurse hooked Chrysogonus up to a monitor. Then it was the wait and rest if you can. So after texting Franz to let him know we were settled I tried to sleep. I dozed every now and then, but woke at the slightest sound from Chrysogonus. I nursed him every time he got fussy. Every two hours someone would check on us. I was relieved to see Chrysogonus smile and coo at me when he awoke around 6 am he and was alert for over an hour. Early morning I was debating whether to call Franz or wait. He called me. We talked about when he and the boys should head our way. A doctor came and examined Chrysogonus. I asked him if he had an idea of when we would be able to go home. He said there was a good chance by afternoon since Chrysogonus had been stable so far. So I called Franz told him and he and the boys got ready after breakfast and headed to Wake Forest to pick up the van and come our way.

Now I knew we were at Duke but I had not really paid attention to which Duke location. It had been late and I didn't think to ask. Franz said he was headed to Duke in Raleigh, I went to the desk and felt a bit silly but asked where we were. Thankfully I did, since we were at Duke in Durham. So I redirected Franz to us.
I told Franz to please bring me some food. I had not had food for 15 hours. I do not do well when I do not eat. I finally asked a nurse if there was food somewhere. She kindly brought me some graham crackers and peanut butter. Part of the problem was we were still in the basement due to the hospital being full and I did not want to leave Chrysogonus to find the cafeteria.

Franz and the boys arrived around 11 with a sub from subway. I ate the whole footlong, only giving Cletus a few bites. Chrysogonus was so good smiling at me when he was awake. It was heartening and kept me from completely falling apart. After hanging out awhile Franz and the boys decided to go get a late lunch and find a park to play at while we waited.

It was around two or so when a nurse popped in and said that we were going to be sent up to a room. I asked why, because I thought we were going to be discharged soon and it seemed silly to be put in a room for such a short time. She wasn't sure. Well around 3 we were brought up to a room. The nurse that settled us said she would talk to the doctor and ask when we could go. She too mentioned that normally you wouldn't be put in a room for just a couple of hours. So once again I waited.

A doctor and a doctor in training came in to see us. She stated we needed to see and talk to a social worker due to the fact that it was an incident with an infant and being a head injury. I said fine, I was okay talking to a social worker. Soon the doctor came back and stated that a social worker could not see us till 9 the next morning, so we had to stay overnight. Too they wanted to do a full skeletal x-ray to make sure there were no other injuries or problems. I asked if that was really necessary. She stated that if I didn't want to have a hassle with child protective services and an abuse counselor, yes. I was starting to feel very demeaned. To top it off she came back again and said that I could stay but that I would have to have a baby sitter in the room overnight. I said I do not want to make trouble but that I would really like us to go home to rest and heal. I also said I want you to talk to my husband when he gets back. She said okay. I called Franz and he and the boys headed back. As soon as Franz heard what was going on he started making calls. He wanted to talk to his father who is lawyer and find out what his rights were and just what they could do if we refused to stay. Unfortunately he was not able to get a hold of him. He was however able to get a hold of a friend here in NC who's husband is a lawyer. I swear they must have had our room bugged because as soon as Franz got off the phone a social worker visited us. I told her exactly what I had said a dozen times, what happened. I could see in her eyes she was wondering why in the world they were keeping us there. After talking about our farm and honey bees she said she was going to go talk to the medical team. I said thank you. Meanwhile our priest called and Franz was talking to him when the doctor came in. She said that they were discharging us after talking to the head doctor in charge of child protective services and talking to all who had worked with us. They had determined my story checked out and that I was not a threat to the safety of my child. I was so relieved and very sincerely said thank you! So it was 5:30 when headed home to rest and heal.

Franz teases me that I am giving a tell all. I said it is therapy. Too, there many little details I have left out that I remember. This is an account to share so that others who were speculating have the bare facts of the accident and what happened. I hope that each of you who read this will pray for all involved. I do not want the dad who dropped Chrysogonus to feel guilty. Guilt is a terrible thing to live with. I know from past experiences. I have forgiven the dad and did so pretty much right away. But I still struggle with anger and guilt at my self for letting him hold Chrysogonus and him being careless. It was an accident and though it is hard right now I do believe good can come of it. I know I will have some more frustration to deal with once we see the medical bills. But ultimately I am thankful that Chrysogonus is doing well and we are home as a family.

 Thank you all who have sent us prayers and kind thoughts. It very helpful in our healing process.  

The fracture on Chrysogonus skull

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