Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Puppies, looking for their new homes!

Female, the runt of the litter. White with black spots. Spunky little girl. Third born.

Male, second born. White with orange/brown. A little shy, but warms up quickly

Female, seventh born. Black and white. Cyprian loves this little girl. She is held a lot.

Male, eighth born. White with black/brown spots. This one is big and a bit longer haired. Sweet temperament.

Male, fourth born. Brown with white. He is a cutie.

Male, first born. Brown with white. My favorite as he is a little charmer.

Male, fifth born. This guy is adorable with his white head and patch eye. He is simply cute both looks and personality.

Female, seventh born.

Male, first born.

Male, eighth born.

Male, first born

Male, first born. I can't help taking this guys picture. 

Male, fifth born.

Male, fourth born.

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