Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part three: travels to Wisconsin

After lunch at the Martyn's in Chicago I rounded up kiddos. Making sure everyone had gone to the bathroom and little's had their diapers changed. We then headed to Madison WI. My brother his wife and three children live there. Matt and Julie and kids also were driving there as well.

The drive was pretty nice, as all three of the younger ones napped most of the way. Once at Joe's and Jen's we let all the kids run wild, biking, tryking, and running. Pizza was ordered and all the kids ate outside enjoying all the sunshine they could soak up. Note: this was the third night in a row we ate pizza. There was only one decent accident. Involving my godson and a neighbor boy to my brother colliding on their bikes. The neighbor boy then ran into Cletus. Thankfully only a few scraps and bruises were the result. It was a good thing that those biking were also wearing helmets.
Cyprian and Josie biking.
It was getting later and there was still a couple hour drive to my parents farm. Once again I rounded up my boys. The drive to my parents was a bit slow. Cyprian had to go to the bathroom twice. Once I pulled over on and exit and had Cyprian pee on the side of the road. Second time I happened to pull of on an exit that does not have a exit to get right back on the interstate. Very annoying! Finally though as we got closer to my parents, I started asking do you recognize anything boys. Which they responded, "No." Finally when my parents house came into view they recognized Grampers and Grammers house. Grampers and Grammer is what Cletus affectionately call his grandparents.

At my parents it was already 9:30. The boys were a bit wound up with all the excitement. So after letting them play just a bit we all went to bed. Overall the experience driving by myself with four little boys was not bad. I am sure it was all the prayers. Because thinking back on it, I am CRAZY! 

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