Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part two: Travels to Wisconsin

We were headed out nice and early from Cleveland Tennessee. The boys were pretty quiet for the first two hours. Then we needed to stop for a bathroom break. The gas station we stopped at was somewhere in the mountains. It was pretty gross. I ended up changing diapers in the car. We were able to cruise at a good speed with out too much complaining. At lunch time we stopped and I let the boys run around and try to climb a tree.

After lunch the three youngest took a nap. When they awoke they were a bit crabby so I stopped at a rest area and let them stretch their legs. Cyprian climbed a tree and knocked a nest down. I was not happy with him and explained why he should not destroy the nest home of birds.

I was in contact with my sister and brother-in-law on my cell talking about our possible arrival time in Chicago. They mentioned that I should stop for a bathroom break before hitting Gary Indiana and East Chicago. I didn't want to stop because the kids were being good. So I gambled and kept driving. We made it through the East side of Chicago fine. But once we hit West on 90 the traffic was stopped. Cyprian had to go to the bathroom, Chrysogonus woke up and was not happy, Cletus was shouting, and Clement looked solemn. There was no way to get off with out getting bulldozed by crazy impatient drivers. So, in desperation I gave Cyprian a diaper to pee in. Chrysogonus was not pleased with me trying to soothe him by voice. Cletus kept on and off complaining. Clement thankfully stayed quiet till he too had to go to the bathroom and I passed him a diaper as well. Yep, the diapers were necessary in a pinch.

Two and a half hours it took us to go the last miles to our final destination. We were going to stay at a nice hotel that my brother-in-law was so kind to book for us in North Chicago. It was located close to his brother's home. Also, he ordered us a pizza sent to our room. My sister picked up a some Guiness and dark chocolate for me. As soon as I was able to get off on my exit. I pulled into a parking lot and nursed Chrysogonus. Then we made the last mile or so to the hotel. My sister, brother-in-law and kids, and my brother-in-laws brother, wife and kids met us at the hotel after I had checked in and we had eaten our pizza.

They visited for a short bit. Which was what the boys needed. After they left I got the boys ready for bed letting them watch some TV. Once all were in pj's and teeth brushed we turned off Ice Age and prayed the rosary. I was so tired that I did not drink my beer. So ended our longest stretch of driving which was about eleven and a half hours of actual driving time, including traffic.

Next morning I happily drank my beer while eating left over pizza. Franz asked me when I talked to him in good humor if I was okay:') "Yes," I replied. I took all the boys to the breakfast room and they had a light breakfast. Then we all got our bathing suits on and headed to the pool. My sister who was training for a triathlon came and also did some laps in the pool. After an hour swimming I bathed all the boys and dressed them. Then I let them watch cartoons while I took a shower. We packed up and I had a hotel cart to load our stuff and all the boys on. We got several comments of what a large cute load I was pushing.

We headed to my brother-in-laws brother's home. It is in a very nice neighborhood. They have a beautiful home with large fenced in yard with a fun kid playset. The whole basement is a play area as well. The boys were in heaven! There was also a huge brunch made. Another sister who lives in Chicago also came and visited. It was very pleasant for all. Everyone got to eat as much as he/she wanted and the kids happily played.
All together at the Martyn's in Chicago.