Thursday, October 1, 2015

4H Poster and Goat Show

Cyprian is in 4H. This is his first year and my first experience with 4H. Franz and his siblings grew up participating in 4H.

Cyprian was entered to show a goat in the county fair. Part of him showing involved a project before the show in which he was to design a poster with the theme, "Things grown in North Caroline." For the goat showing we signed up for showmanship and costume.

The day of the show at 9am in our van, I headed with Cyprian, Chrysogonus, and Caroline (goat), to a convention center near Oxford. Franz took Clement and Cletus with him in the truck. Franz dropped Clement off at his Catechesis class, coming to the show long enough to see Cyprian in his showmanship class shortly after 11am. Then he headed back to pick up Clement at noon, coming back again to bring us all lunch. I naively thought we would be done mid afternoon. We did not get home till close to six. Whew, that is a long day even if you are for the most part just hanging out. Below is some photos of the day
Getting ready for the show!

Lined up. Cyprian got to lead the line.

Talking to the Judge.

Look at that boy and his goat!
Cletus enjoyed watching the cows!
Getting ready for the costume show. Cyprian the sheriff bringing in the notorious outlaw Bonny Caroline.

Look at those curls:')
Caroline loudly protest her innocence!

Participation Ribbon!

Chrysogonus loves hanging out in back while watching the going on's.

Receiving a trophy.
The poster that Cyprian made in two days. Due to us procrastinating till the last minute. I am proud of the detail.

Clement will join 4H next year. Till then we get to act scary...

Seriously, I wish I could have taken a nap too!

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