Thursday, October 1, 2015

Middle of the week and we are rolling!

So, I have not posted a whole lot lately. That is because I like to think that I am just too darn busy to bother with the blog. To some extent this is true, but really it is that I am sometimes lazy.

Yesterday was a day I appreciated the time I had. I am still not a morning person. 6am is milking time. I tried as usual to sneak back into the house and slip back into bed. But Cletus the ever busy body was quick to come to the side of my bed and declare in a loud voice, " I HUNGRY." So whether I wanted to be or not I was awake.  Breakfast ensued. Then we said our morning prayers and began schoolwork. Cyprian is doing well in his studies overall. After we ate lunch I tried unsuccessfully to put Cletus down for a nap. My hope every day is to put Chrysogonus and Cletus down at the same time for naps. Then I would happily rest while Cyprian and Clement occupy themselves with a quiet activity. Alas, it only happens once in awhile, and yesterday was not one of those days.

Instead I had all the boys come out to the garage with me. I wanted to clean the whole garage and get it ready for the hay Franz was planning to get after school. So, Chrysogonus was put in the stroller and I had a couple of cans of side walk paint, yes paint not chalk, that I decided to let Clement and Cletus use up. Boy did they have a blast. I think Cletus decided to put on war paint. Clement exclaimed, " Mom, Cletus is painting himself." Me, " It is okay, he is dirty anyway." I decided to just let them have at it. Meanwhile I found some roller blades I had got for Cyprian that he was now about big enough to wear. He had been begging me to find them. I let him try them out. We'll just say that his butt was on the ground more than his feet. I told Cyprian to make sure he didn't break any bones. I also helpfully added that he might want to stick by the edge of the driveway so that when he fell, he might land in the softer grass. He decided to watch Chrysogonus so he could hang onto the stroller while rolling.
War painted okra hauler!

Clement as he usually is wielding a stick sword. Notice, Cletus sporting winter boots. He found them in the garage.
Cyprian keeping watch over his young charge.
After cleaning and organizing the whole garage I had the boys come with me to pick okra. Then I went in and put together a lasagna for supper. While the lasagna was baking I gave Franz directions from the place he was getting hay. He was anxious to make sure he didn't take a wrong turn as we were suppose to get rain and the hay was uncovered. Next with Chrysogonus on my back I did animal chores till Franz arrived home.

We unloaded the two big round bails and got them safely into the barn just before it began to rain. I prayed that the rain would hold off, and thank God it did. I had Chrysogonus still on my back while helping with the hay. Chrysogonus is going to know how to work a farm at a young age just like Cletus...

While finishing chores Cletus proceeded to get filthy dirty again. So while I dished up supper Franz had to give Cletus a shower. After supper we all cleaned and chased each other around. Then once all the wrestling was done we tucked in for the night and said our rosary. It was a good day!

Second time completely filthy for the day. Cletus takes let a kid get dirty to the ultimate level....

Are we ready for bed!

Here Dad let me take your nose!

Cyprian begs every night to sleep with Chrysogonus. I think Chrysogonus likes the company:')

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