Monday, November 9, 2015


The sky is gray. The leaves are falling. The wind and rain have come to play. Now the days are short and need a rake. The house smells great with baking cake. Winter is just ahead. All the joys and sorrows of holiday planning and calling are starting to make a strong song of longing.

I can hardly believe that it is already November. Time has not been dragging lately. I suppose that is a good thing as we go into the cooler months. I have that feeling of wanting to hibernate. Especially now that we turned the clocks back an hour.

Things are going steadily on here at the homestead. Cyprian continues to do his basic studies. Yeah for all that fancy planning I had, we really have simplified our school day. I am sticking to Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Religion. All the other subjects are extras that we do when we feel inspired or have some time.

The animals are all well. Three of our goats are due at Christmas. It should be a pretty busy exciting holiday. We are hoping and planning on going home to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. The biggest challenge has been to set up animal care while away. But I believe we have found a great family to help us.

All the boys have been busy growing and playing. I am thankful everyday for our little place with the great outdoors. Franz has been very busy with school and coaching. He and his fellow coach of cross country happily returned from their first state cross country appearance with 2nd place for girls and 8th for boys. Way to go Chancellor's!

The real struggle right now is for Franz to have time and a place to work on his dissertation. I am praying that it takes place sooner than later. My achievement is that I am high brown in TaeKwonDo. I hope to be testing for my black with white stripe, then next year my black belt. So close!  

So y'all make sure that as you roll into the holidays to be Holy and jolly, and not fall into the folly of making the mistake of material brawling. Wholly in the season with the holly hanging pleasing, by golly. Yeah we like our rhyming rally trolley of jibberish in a verbal volley........
Tarcy, boo boo!

Doing what boys love to do, target practice.

Cyprian getting instruction from Franz.

Snowy, mommy to three pups right now.

Rocky Balboa, our younger buck.

Me, giving Clement instruction.

Clement marveling over his marksmanship.

Cletus and Cyprian disappointed in their accuracy shooting.

Rocky and Shadow, Siena's kitten taking an afternoon siesta together.

Chrysogonus chilling while the target practice is in full shoot.

Cyprian trying to shoot a squirrel.

One little puppy.

Two little puppy.

Three little puppies.

Hanging out on the screen porch. I love our screen porch!

Louis and Zelie.

Halloween night. Chrysogonus a pumpkin, Cletus a bee, Clement Joseph and his coat of many colors, Cyprian the cowboy.
The busy bee and his pumpkin.

Just Pumpkins!

The boys sporting their new shirts from their friend Mrs. Roberta. Can you guess which state Mrs. Roberta just flew back from....
These are the days of leaves on the ground and kids hanging from the trees.

First time for this little man to crawl to his hearts content in all the leaves!
Last but not least. Franz turned 34 on the 8th. He was a stinker and purposely blew out the candles before I could take a picture. Hence the smug smile:')

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