Thursday, December 17, 2015

Recap not recapture....

We did go home to WI for Thanksgiving. First, before leaving on a Saturday morning I tested for my Black with white stripe belt. I almost didn't make it to the testing as we got caught in traffic from a Holiday parade downtown Raleigh. I ran and was bowed in late. Nothing like rushing into it with a bang! We then began our trip North right after. With a van loaded with luggage, children, a puppy, and arsenal of natural remedies for health, we drove over two days with a night spent in a hotel in Ohio.

We had a lovely little pit stop in Hillsdale MI to visit with Clements godparents, the Lindleys. The Lindleys had just welcomed their sixth boy George three weeks earlier. So as to hopefully not stress them out. We spent just a couple of hours with them after attending mass at Saint Anthony's in Hillsdale on Sunday. We then drove seven and a half hours to reach my parents farm in the middle of the night.

We spent two lovely days hanging out at the farm. Franz helped my Dad install a new hot water heater and spread hay all over the long bank where the new septic system was recently installed. The boys played, played, and played some more!

We then traveled to Stevens Point. The boys once again played and played. Seriously, I would only catch just a glimpse of my boys once in awhile. I helped Ryann stack wood in the lean to. Cletus and Chrysogonus kept close to me but also enjoyed playing while keeping me in sight.

Thanksgiving was held at a shelter at Lake Emily. It turned out very well. Everybody brought food and the kids ate tons and ran around like crazy. Franz was able to see his Grandparents the Crawfords. It meant a lot, as Grandpa Crawford will be going on dialysis and was the reason we decided to make the trip to WI.

All in all, a well rounded trip. Franz and I were able to take turns driving home to NC. We drove straight through the night making it in 19 hours. That is including stops. That is the fastest we have traveled thus far with children.

Back home at Kleinshire, first the boys then Franz and I developed a cold. I am thankful that it did not happen while we were away. I plied everyone with mulitviatmins, vitamin C, Hylands cough and cold, Elderberry syrup, and a vaporize at night with some essential oils. The boys never went past having a cold. Franz and I had body aches, but no fever. I think it could have been much worse but was short changed due to all the health remedies we took.

God is calling me to pray, pray, pray, and let go. Two weeks ago my purse was taken by someone. I carried a lot in my purse. I had a whole arsenal of religious things, from holy water, St. Judes oil, blessed scapulars, rosaries, holy cards, and my prayer veil. I wish the person would have just taken the cash which was less than 20 dollars and ditched my purse where someone decent would find and turn it in. I had many sentimental things in my purse. The annoying thing was having to replace all the cards in my wallet, from credit, debit, drivers license, library, hunter safety, medical insurance cards etc. I also loss my cell phone and checkbook. So, I had no money or easy identification for a few days. Makes you feel a bit lost and wary. I am praying a novena for whoever took my purse. Who knows it may somehow reach someone in real need. I am still hoping at the chance of someday getting my purse back, but realize it may not happen.

So, now that we have all been feeling better we are trying to get back into a routine. Three of our goats could kid anytime now. I am making two birthing stalls out of pallets in the breeze way of the barn. They are not permanent but will give the girls their own space for a bit.

Yesterday I discovered two neighbor dogs, and the pigs had killed several of my chickens. I do not know who started it, but it was feather flying time they all had. My poor flock of 28 hens is reduced to 21. At first I wasn't sure what happened as I could see feathers all over in the back pasture and in the pigs pen. My first thought was the pigs got the chickens, but then I noticed the two next door neighbor dogs slinky along the back fence. The one dog had fresh cuts on his chest. Snowy had dragged a half plucked dead hen into the yard. The pigs pen also had feathers. So, I am assuming they had their share as well as the dogs. I was so upset. I was almost ready to go confront the neighbors myself. But I finally calmed down took some pictures, bagged up the dead chicken and waited till Franz came home. Franz took the chicken and explained to the neighbors what had happened. The seriousness of not letting their dogs free was made. We also made it clear what will happen to the dogs if they come on our property. I do not want to be a mean neighbor, but I will protect what is ours. As a peace offering the boys and I will be bringing over some cookies that we will be baking next week.

So, it has been a crazy stretch but I hope there has been grace received through the hardships.

Black with white strip belt. Next 1st degree black belt. Hurrah!

The pup we brought back to WI.

My parents farm sign made by Bayleafsignsandwonders

Tractor time with Grandpa Korish! Don't worry we moved Chrysogonus
Grandma and Chrysogonus!

Four wheeler time with Grandpa Korish!
The cutest little snuggle bug!
Look out!

Grandpa Crawford
The guys hanging out.
Aunt Kimby with cousin Lucas.

Aunt Johanna enjoying the pie.
And more Kleins

Aunt Gabrielle with my smiley little man.

My hunk of a Honey, with his hunk of a pigs head.

Uncle Oliver, make a wish!

Double trouble!

Uncle Xavier and Anton

Grandma Klein birthday was Thanksgiving day.

Cousins playing with the best, LEGOS!

Franz and all his siblings!

Clement on the run!

Poor Della, she was worn out after the Thanksgiving festivities.
Are you ready to prepare for Jesus' birthday!

It should only continue to be a party now as we finally start to get ready for the best birthday of the year. JESUS'! Now begins the octave of Christmas. Today I am cleaning the whole house and pulling out the Christmas decorations. The boys get to listen to and sing Christmas songs. Too, we have sent out almost 150 cards. No, I am not bragging this is the only time of year I acknowledge people with a card. If you didn't get one from us, send us a card and I will send you one:')

So till the baby goats arrive, God bless Y'all!

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