Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rolling, strolling!

While the girls are being weaned, we let them play and eat in the yard.


Cletus the ever busy body.

Lilly enjoying a bone from the pork ham.

We are in the barn!

Sheba practicing for milking 


Milcah, my doeling.

Smile Ruth!

Lilly watching over the young goats while they explore.

Lilly in-training as a livestock guardian dog.

Cat says, "MEOW!"



Ruth, you are so pretty!

Hanging out!

Apparently Cat knows the way.

Tarcy demanding attention.

Look at how light Tarcy's coat is getting.

Just standing.

Who is calling?

Cutie pies!

Seriously lady, how many pictures are you gonna take!

Sheba, Cletus' goat.

George the dragon slayer....

Are you getting my best angle?

Dreamer is babysitting baby Reba (Rebecca)

Rebecca, we call her Reba.

Reba with her mama Lucia


Belle, who should kid soon.

Look at the start of that udder!

Finally posing!

Chickens happily scratching away.

Tam says hi!

It must be from having had quintuplets. Caroline is my top milk producer:')

Edelweiss and Caroline.

Reba looks so much like her daddy Oreo.

Boys in the woods. SNAKE!

Clement says, "Rarh!"

Can you see the dead snake?

Cyprian's find!


Proud of his find!

Still mowing! I hope Cletus keeps his drive to work:')

Oh Clement!

Look who woke from his nap.

Eggs, it is what is for breakfast.

Laying an egg in an old feeder.

My sole surviving California White. One was eaten by a pig and the other killed by the neighbor dog.

Dreamers sidekick

These two!

Dreamer our mostly blind goat is a beauty. She adores people.

Udder forming, as Dreamer will kid soon too.

Trouble, run!

Mommy, you want some hay!

Just sweet!

This kid loves the chicks!

George strutting his stuff.

One of my Buff hens.