Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It is hard to write when there are so many things that need tending. I am happily sitting in my husbands chair taking a break from the sun, sweat, and smelly animals. Today is another day of farming on Kleinshire. Our farm may not be big, but we plan to expand eventually. We strive and work at making more of our own food and stuff.

Cyprian has only done Math so far today. The boys sit outside playing with kittens. They planted several plants in their garden. Mostly eggplant. Um, I must be very distracted lately. Last week we went to Chris's green house and bought two flats. Mostly tomatoes, but I also grabbed what I thought was black beauty zucchini. Well, I saw the black beauty part, but I did not see that they were eggplants till I started planting in my garden. Ooops! In my defense doing any shopping with four boys can be CRAZY! Anyone want eggplants???

Anyhow the things to do keep going. I have cleaned the large goat stall. Spread the hay around some more plants I just put in the garden. Weeded the onions. Made lunch and then successfully put baby down for a nap. Hung the laundry. Trimmed several goats hooves. Checked animals. Now here I sit.

So just to make a post this is what I am posting. DONE! Well, done typing. I need to get back outside and finish some chores. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." Hoping that I am avoiding sin, but in reality I have to check my temper when things do not go well and I am tired from the physical labor. Like, stabbing myself with the goat hoof trimmers when a goat jerked. I thought a bad word, thankfully I didn't say it out loud as I have done before. Nope, I definitely am not perfect and am kept humbled on a regular basis.

A good day to all of you! 

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