Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The wind down of our first official school year and a road trip for a wedding in WisconsinW

Cyprian had asked me when he could be done with school. I told him that he would be done for the summer the end of May. Franz was done teaching at STMA and graduation took place the last weekend of May. Cyprian has finished in a fashion. I still have some math pages I want him to work, and reading over the summer, with intermittent writing as well. But let's face it. IT IS SUMMER, and being a boy and kid, my little men just want to have fun.

We headed to Wisconsin June 2nd. Driving part way and stopping to sleep in hotel in Indiana. The next day June 3rd we drove the rest of the way to Stevens Point. Settling in at Great Grandpa Klein's, we went to the Church rehearsal for Johanna's wedding that evening. Afterwards we all had a tasty dinner at a fancy restaurant. The boys along with their cousins and young uncles enjoyed kitty cocktails and tons of bread. By the time the plates of food arrived not one of the boys, or kiddos could eat much of their food.

Next day, the wedding day, was spent in preparation of persons and last minute details. The wedding took place at 1 p.m. and went beautifully.  The reception hall was open around 3:30. Most arrived around 4. There was a long social period. Then supper and of course dancing. My boys again along with the young uncles and cousins drank numerous kitty cocktails and rootbeer. I found out later that my boys would pop up on the stool at the bar and ask, "I want a beer!" There was also a table of candy. I have no idea how much each of my boys consumed. There was enjoyable dancing for all. Franz and I even got to dance, just the two of us a few times.

At one point Franz and his brother Stephen played a game of chess out in the parking lot. While several people enjoyed cigars and drinks. I was inside visiting with family and friends and unsuccessfully trying to monitor my boys. After awhile I too went outside and got to put on some boxing mitts and have a go around in instruction and punching with Jamie, Franz's brother. Shortly after this the boys who were melting down were gathered and put in the van. We got back to Great Grandpa Klein's and got sleeping and crabby boys to bed. Then Franz and I too happily tucked in.

Sunday we cleaned up and packed. Then we went to Mass at 10:30 with half the Klein clan.  Afterwards all the Kleins except the newly weds had lunch out in Great Grandpa's backyard. I got to put on the boxing mitts again and this time in my Sunday dress:') We finished packing and headed out to go to my parents farm.

We arrived at Jude's Acres late afternoon. Several of my family members and their children were present. Supper was a large affair. Which is the norm for us it seems with the large families on both sides. The boys happily played with their cousins. I have all the boys and my sisters and brother all have girls except one little guy. My boys lost no time in getting beat up. Cyprian climbed a metal gas tank and hit his knee really hard bruising it. Clement, when all the children were climbing on the teeter totter, got hit when the one end went flying up. Seriously, you should see Clements face. It has several cuts from the imprint of the teeter totter end. Cletus got hurt some how, but I am forgetting what exactly happened. Oh, and how could I forget, Chrysogonus at Great Grandpa Klein's right before we left, climbed a chair tipping it over and catching the corner of another chair. He had a nice swollen black eye. It doesn't take long for my kids to get into trouble.

Monday Franz and I tramped all over the farm exploring the fields, pasture, and woods. Also, we weeded the whole garlic crop that my parents have. I helped some in the house with dishes and kiddos. My sister Rachel did most of the cooking while we were at the farm. She is an excellent cook. The boys along with the cousins played outside most of the day. They did have a quiet time in the afternoon all sitting down with books. Maire, who is a very good reader, read stories to all the kiddos.

Tuesday was spent packing and spending more time outside. We headed out in the afternoon, making the long trip home back to NC. Between Franz and I, we drove straight through. We stopped for breakfast at Biscuitville in I think Burlington NC. Just before home we stopped at the hardware store in Bunn to pick up some electrical tape. Before leaving for WI we had sprinkled Dietotamacious Earth on the carpets. Literally right before leaving Cletus pulled the handle of the vacuum with the switch cord off. So, we knew we needed to fix the vacuum right away or we would be walking all over the dusty Dietotamacious Earth.

Well, we did make it home at last. The trip to Wisconsin was a very fast, busy, wonderful trip. The craziness does not end there. But this post is too long already, so adieu!

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