Monday, January 30, 2017

Where to start

2016 ended and so did a tough year. Most know of my three miscarriages, but I miscarried a fourth time two days before Christmas. Caspar Marion Klein is the name I gave my last miscarried baby. I waited to name Caspar till the Epiphany and so hence part of the name. All of us were very sick Christmas through the New Year. I was put on antibiotics, which anyone who knows me well, knows it takes a lot for me to take medicine.

2017 has already seen a month through. Still tough times. Though I feel we are past a rough spot personally. I feel like there are so many struggling. Sometimes I would just rather hide my computer, cell phone, radio, and the television. I do get some enjoyment out these devices, but lately they seem to spread negativity like a wild fire running on a land of drought.

PEOPLE, why are we not turning to GOD! Look to God for guidance, comfort, peace, and most of all a shower of LOVE. I am thanking God for my simple blessing in living a family life. My life which brings me, laughs, tears, rants, and rare and precious moments of peace.

It is another day here at Kleinshire. I woke up early with my husband. Franz got up right away (like he usually does), but I lingered in bed (like I usually do) and said my morning prayers. It may seem like cheating, because I am still in bed while praying. For me I find I am relaxed and not distracted by anything else. I love my morning prayer time as I snuggle under my covers. Then I get up whether I feel ready or not to start the day...

Just before 6 am I popped out the door to head to the barn. Franz is usually a few minutes ahead of me (this morning was no exception) and had already started feeding animals. My job is to milk and feed the dairy goats. Franz does all the other animals, feed, hay, and water. Sometimes Franz finishes before me, other times we head into the house together. Today he was ahead of me.

Once in the house, I put the milk in the fridge. Franz went and took a shower and got ready for work. I packed a lunch for Franz, made a pot of coffee, and breakfast for those up. Usually Chrysogonus and Cletus are up and eat breakfast with Franz and me. Which was the case this morning.

After blessing our food, Franz ate a quick breakfast. Then he kissed each boy, and me with a "I love you." Off he went to battle dragons, as he tells the boys.

The two younger boys and I finished breakfast. Cyprian and Clement finally awoke, took showers, then came and ate their breakfast. I needed to clean chicken feet for making stock. I detest this job. If it weren't for the awesome product that comes from simmering chicken feet with veggies in water for at least 24 hours, I would happily toss the feet to the dogs.

So, I proceeded to clean, boil, peel, rinse with vinegar, then throw into my huge pot to simmer, 28 chicken feet. Cyprian and Clement meanwhile worked on math. Okay, honestly I kept having to badger them to stay on task. Between Cletus and Chrysogonus interrupting, playing, and wreaking havoc, it took us all morning to finish the chicken feet, math, play making forts, having lego wars, and folding and sorting laundry. I won't lie, sometimes I hollered at my boys...

Finally, we were able to have lunch a little after noon. We ate leftover pizza from Cyprian's Birthday supper last night. Then while Cyprian was left to watch boys, I went and took down a load of laundry and hung another. Which reminds me I have yet another sitting in the washer at this moment needing to be hung. Anyway, I went and checked on animals.

Then I came into the house and Cyprian who got a real little tea set for his birthday, and was dying to use it, got me to agree to let him make tea for his brothers. The boys and me like to have tea time. It is one of the things I took from the Charlotte Mason teaching style. I boiled water and steeped the raspberry leaf tea in my big pot. Then we poured tea into Cyprian's little tea pot. Cyprian commenced pouring tea repeatedly for his younger thirsty brothers. After enjoying the many little cups of tea and some organic annie's graham crackers, it was time for quiet.

So, after changing Chrysogonus and then tucking him into his bed. I settled on the love seat in the boys room with the three other boys tucked around me. We read from one of my favorite books, a Wonder Book. I may not talk a lot, but we have plenty to do. The quote below from our story seemed suitable.

"A good man should talk little and do much." Taken from Wonder Books, The Princess on The Glass Hill

Here is our tea time!

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