Saturday, February 11, 2017

Let's Party!

We are party central at Kleinshire. Two boys with birthdays back to back and triplet goats born too! Whew, some days you just have to keep the party going strong.

Chrysogonus turned two on Wednesday February 8th. After doing school work early in the morning, we spent almost the rest of the day outside. We did have to run and return something to Walmart. So, while there I let Chrysogonus pick out his present. Of course it was a gun and lightsaber. I started regretting the lightsaber, as it makes noise and lights up. Chrysogonus pretty much non-stop kept pressing the button. I got a big thing of bubbles, and found a brownie cake for 4 dollars. The cakes sell by date was February 8th. I had planned on making a cake, but rationalized that I would make one the next day for Cletus's birthday. On my way home from Walmart I picked up a young lady who comes and helps me once a week or so with animals and barn chores. The day was absolutely beautiful! Chrysogonus did not take a nap after lunch like he is suppose to. I gave Cletus and Chrysogonus the big bottle of bubbles. Both boys were getting overly tired. They got some use out of blowing bubbles, before a fight broke out and the bottle got knocked over. Oh well. I really didn't mind as it was on the screen porch. It is an easy way to mop the deck, pour a bucket of water and "tada" kids think it is fun to slip and slide on. While I was doing the last of the animal chores I let the boys sit down and watch the "magic school bus." Apparently the boys were exhausted as the three youngest were asleep on the couch when Franz got home. Because we all had worked up an appetite, we necessarily agreed the birthday boy needed to be awoken. Cake and ice cream were on the menu, but could not be touched without the presence of the birthday boy. I held Chrysogonus till he was fully awake. Then we had cake and ice cream to every ones relief and enjoyment. Thus ended the first birthday of the week for us.

Next day February 9th, Cletus turned four. Boy he was excited as we had talked about it being his birthday next. The day before seeing Chrysogonus's presents and cake, made Cletus anticipation high. Cletus woke up early like he usually does. It does not matter how late he goes to bed. Like the day before we did school work early. I got a text with a picture of a sweet baby girl. My newest niece was born to my baby brother and his wife. She was born February 8th right before midnight. It seems this is a good time for babies:') I was constantly going out to the barn because Brownie our goat was due, and she was in early labor. It was really windy Thursday so the boys stayed in the house for most of the day. They would come out occasionally to check Brownie with me. So, time spent inside was, nerf gun wars, forts, building bridges and towers, flying from bunk beds and shelves unto the love seat in the boys room, and a LOT of BATTLES. Seriously, the boys were enjoying their wars. In the late afternoon I made Cletus's cake and put it in the oven to bake. I went out to the barn to check Brownie. I was getting anxious as she had been uncomfortable all day. Immediately I knew the real action of birthing was taking place, as she had a mucus string hanging. Sorry if this offends anyone, but this is a part of farm life. So, I had Cyprian run back in and get me clean rags and my phone. Just after five Brownie pushed the first kid (a buckling) out. Brownie was not extremely large looking during her pregnancy, so were anticipating a single, or maybe twins. Then she pushed out a small doeling. Done I thought, but no. Brownie then pushed out the biggest of the triplets, a huge doeling. Whew! After clearing their faces, I let Brownie do her mothering. Cletus will get to name at least one of the kids as they were born on his birthday. That evening after all the animal chores and settling, we had Cletus's birthday supper, cake, and ice cream. It was nine or so when we got the boys in bed.

This has been a week of partying!
We have attitude!
Playing hard all day on your birthday, makes a tire boy.
Don't worry we couldn't let Chrysogonus sleep through having cake and ice cream. He seems to agree!
Blow out those two candles!

Who wants cake!

Look at the force!

Seriously, watch out!

Come on it is another cake!

Brownie the proud mama of triplets.

Left: 1st born buckling. Middle: 3rd born large doeling. Right: 2nd born little spunky doeling.

Cletus is very excited to hunt. Especially his brothers:')

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