Sunday, July 13, 2014


A short hop to Atlanta, a longer hop to Salt Lake City, another long hop to Anchorage, and I'm in Alaska just briefly this weekend to be the godfather of my newest niece. Shame on me for leaving my pregnant wife with all the kids and all the farm chores, but... she did "okay" the trip in a generous moment. Thank you, Sweetie!

Here's the view from my in-laws' back yard:

They have a nice shire of their own, with raised beds full of veggies and even a few chickens:

I got a great trail run in this morning. The weather was perfect for running, and, thank God, I didn't encounter any moose or bears. 

But, safely behind an electric fence, we did watch bears enjoy their salmon supper later in the day at the nature preserve. I forgot to take pictures of the bears, but here's one of a majestic elk:

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