Thursday, July 31, 2014

The freezer is full!

Yesterday was the big day for chicken processing. My friend and colleague Patrick Kurz came over to help, and we took care of the twelve biggest of our fourteen broilers. Although it was Pat's first time, he worked like a pro. And I paid him in chicken, of course!

The broilers were veritable monsters--the smallest dressing out at 6.6 lb. and the largest at 9.0 lb. Thanks to everybody who reserved a chicken. Currently we're "sold out," but please email me at franzsimonklein at gmail dot com if you're interested in chicken in the future. We'll likely order another batch in a few weeks, and they'll be ready toward the end of October.

Rosemary is also making chicken stock, which will be available in a day or two in frozen quart jars. We'll advertise the stock--Rosemary's recipe is excellent, by the way--in a separate post once we see how many jars we have and decide on a price. But do feel free to email if you're interested and would like to reserve a jar (or more).

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