Sunday, July 27, 2014

The little man of the house!

Sheriff Cletus, not sure what side of the law he is on...
So we have posted about both Cyprian and Clement. I decided that Cletus should have a post too. He may be the youngest (out of utero), but he is definitely the loudest. With his curly red hair, plump dimpled cheeks, and sparkly hazel eyes he can be a little charmer or tyrant.

Last and only time I brought him for a wellness checkup he didn't even show up on the height chart, it was simply the 0 percentile. Apparently he has some hobbit or something in him. In fact with the way his appetite has been lately, I do believe he is related to hobbit's.

As a babe he dealt with a pretty severe allergy to dairy. I had to go dairy free for months which was not easy I tell you. If I ever cheated the poor little guy would be miserable after nursing. Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any bad allergies now. Though we still have not tried giving him cow's milk. Cletus drinks our goat's milk and loves it.

Most days Cletus is busy watching what others are doing and then trying to do what he saw by himself. He also has a propensity to get really dirty several times a day. He can be discovered digging into numerous things, not always dirt either. He has an absolute joy of animals. He squeals in delight and tries to usually grab the poor animals enticing tail. Eating which as I stated earlier is a favorite pastime lately, can be very messy. Cletus does not like having help so he ends up using his utensil as a weapon to keep you at bay and eating with his hands medieval style.

Cletus and Cyprian seem to understand each other. Seriously they share a secret bond. Though Clement always tells me what Cletus is saying even if it is not in English. All three boys are unique, each giving our family there individualized blessing.

Busy riding and talking!

Cletus loves precarious perches. I think he would love to fly...

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