Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Phew, another project completed!

It took a few days and involved one slight mishap--a collapsed roof--but the meat chickens finally have a pen of their own. They're now twice the size of the heritage breeds and really needed to be separated in order to "finish" them with a diet different from that of the future laying flock. The new run occupies the space between the main run and the pig pen. I built a small house with a roost in it, and constructed the outside run in the same way as the main run--one-inch wire at ground level and two-inch wire the rest of the way up and over the top. This should keep potential predators at bay.

A few more weeks, and it'll be time to fill up the freezer!

The meat chickens' new run. The tarp is to provide a little extra shade. I'm thinking of planting a tree or two in the space between the runs and the back pasture.

Happily doing what meat chickens do (eat and drink).

Wait one second, you mean you're going to EAT me?!?!?

The clean-up crew, paid in rice krispy treats.

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