Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Really just one more addition...

Today Franz, the boys, baby in my belly and I went and saw three little bucklings. It was a bit of a drive almost an hour. After checking out all the little bucks it was unanimous decision well at least with Cyprian and me. We picked the same buckling. Franz said, "yeah it looks like a goat." Clement and Cletus were asleep but loved the little buck upon waking.

After purchasing the little buckling we headed into Raleigh and stopped at the Farmers Market. Franz sat in the van with the boys and goat. I ran about and got some good deals on fruit and veggies. Next we hit Costco. Franz ran in while I stayed in the van. The boys were getting a bit annoyed with being in the van Clement and Cyprian were climbing all over the seats and Cletus would wail and complain then yawn and be quiet for a few seconds. All the while the buckling was resting in his basket just watching quietly. Finally we headed home.

While in the van we discussed names. His name is Rocky, or so we hope. We are going to register him and want his registered name to be Rocky Balboa. If the name is already taken then we have to have an alternate. The boys were shouting Tommy, so we came up with Tommy Meister. Rocky, as we call him right now, is a cute fella. He is sorta a fawn color, with some dark underneath and white spots. He was born July 9th and has a twin brother. Our hope is that he will be a good herd sire. Rocky has decent bloodlines which we hope will come through in his offspring. So there you have it one more addition to Kleinshire

Seriously, Franz and I keep saying we are done. But now I hear Franz talking about getting guinea keats...

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