Monday, July 21, 2014

Chicken available

Rosemary and I have a few free-range broilers (Cornish Rocks)--Kleinshire's first offering--coming available in a few weeks on a first come, first served basis. We'll be charging $3.25/lb. this time, significantly below the farmer's market price because we went with conventional feed. The chickens will come processed and frozen (unless you want a chicken fresh), with their giblets inside, wrapped in freezer paper. My guess is that their dressed weight will be 4-5 lbs.

So, please email me if you're interested with the number of chickens you want. Note, however, that only have a four available at this time. I'll offer one each to the first four people to order, and fill orders for more than one if fewer than four people express interest.

Longterm, we are also planning to order another batch of chicks, who will reach processing weight sometime in the fall, and likely we'll continue to do so indefinitely. If you email, please also indicate whether you're interested in purchasing chicken regularly and, if we offer chicken every three months or so, how many you might want. There is no obligation at this point; we're just trying to discern how large the potential customer base might be.

Also, if you're interested in purchasing chicken regularly, please indicate a preference as to feed. If enough people are interested in chicken produced with locally sourced or even organic feed, and are willing to pay a premium (probably $4.50/lb for chicken produced entirely with organic feed), we'd love to make the switch.

Feel free to email me at franzsimonklein at

What, you're planning to eat me?!?!?

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