Saturday, July 12, 2014

Siena and Una our kitties and their friend Ella the goat

Our kitties are a funny pair. They are sisters. We got them when they were six and a half weeks old in early May. I am very glad we got the two of them so that they would not be lonely. At first they were afraid and a bit stand offish. Very quickly with the help of the boys constantly petting and picking them up they became very friendly. We did have to teach Clement and Cletus to be gentle, which they are pretty good about now, most of the time.

Some of my favorite things about the kitties are how different they are. Not just in personalities but also in build. Siena is long and slinky, like a wild cat. She is an orange tiger stripe. Her tail is an inch longer than Una's. She is so playful and active. Even on hot days when she is panting from the heat if she spots a bug, she will jump and flip in the air to try and get it. Una on the other hand is more dainty. She is smaller in build and more quiet. Her face and paws are white and she is an orange caramel with pretty swirls on her coat. She also likes to play but can be very calm too.

Back when Ella was smaller and still getting a bottle. The kitties and Ella were very entertaining to watch play together in the backyard. There is a tree in the backyard that is short and low to the ground. The tree is a favorite with all. Siena and Una will race up the branches and launch themselves at each other and Ella. Ella can climb on the lower limbs and run and jump off the trunk. When they are all tuckered out the babies take a nap together on the deck.

When Ella gets out now I chase her back into the pasture. Apparently Siena finds this a great game of lets catch the goat and ride her. I really wish I got a video of the other day when I was trying to get Ella back in the pasture. I saw Ella eating my blueberry bush and rushed out of the house to chase her away. Siena seeing me run and Ella bolting, decided to run after Ella. Jumping at Ella Siena managed to grab a hold of her neck swing up and take a short ride. It was quite comical:')

Poor Una the other day got locked in the van for hours. Thankfully she is okay. Note: always check where the kids have been playing. Usually something is amiss.

And lastly, Siena has inadvertently discovered the electric fence. Last night I was out working with Stella
when suddenly there was a yowl and siena flying in the air in ball of fur. Una was on a fence post also puffed out, I am not sure if she got shocked or not. After I finished with Stella I went and found Siena in the barn. She was all puffy and purry, so hopefully it was a lesson learned.
Siena loves to bug Una

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